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Email Marketing



Companies use email marketing blasts to reach customers directly with product announcements, sales, specials, educational information, how to use a product, and recipes.

I create my email blasts using Mail Chimp's online web interface.

Grading checklist

Group Work

You will work in small teams. We will draw numbers out of a hat to pick teams.

Your first team project will be to research and report to class what makes a great email blast. You'll do this in class, together.

Research Email marketing best practices

Follow a design process



Creating an E-mail Blast with Mail Chimp

  1. Open a Mail Chimp email marketing account.
  2. Next, I create a campaign and use Mail Chimp's web interface to design it. Here's what mine looks like:

    mail chimp email blast sample

  3. Remember, focus each email on one thing. Less is more. Then set them into action.
    - Show them your brand so they know it's you
    - Show/tell them one thing
    - Educate them on your one thing
    - Show them how/where to get your one thing
    - Allow them to share it
  4. Mail Chimps templates use certain file sizes. Here's a link to their specs web page:
    Mail Chimp Image requirements for Templates
  5. Here's a sample email I use and the image sizes. Note that most templates and emails are set at a standard 600px wide. Length is flexible. I double the pixel width for use on high-definition displays

  6. I place a call-to-action on my website to get customers to sign up for emails. This is the form that mail Chimp provides.

    email blast signup

  7. After a customer signs up, Mail Chimp manages my email list. They track who opens my emails, who clicks on links inside my emails, who bounces, and who unsubscribes.