Comprehensive Design & Troubleshooting

What students say…



  • Craig was always there for students that needed his help. It was super nice having him as a teacher. My favorite teacher in Graphics.
  • Craig gives us the right amount of work time in class. It's nice that we can work from home on "work days." He is very knowledgable and always willing to help us.
  • The time we had to work on projects and the feed back we got during the project from the instructor and other students was very helpful
  • I loved being in Craig's class. I always felt like I was on time with everything and put my best into the projects. It's always nice how laid back his classes, makes it super easy to focus on my work. I loved how much time we got to work on projects and we didn't always have to show up for class which is always nice! I hate feeling like if I don't go to class I'm going to get in trouble. Knowing that I can work on things at home and not get points docked for not showing up is super nice. That actually makes going to his class better because he's fine with me being an adult and being responsible to get my stuff done instead of saying that I HAVE to be there, and making me nervous if I'm late. Love it.
  • Course was simple and to the point. Easy to follow.

What did you like about this course?

  • The projects gave me some great portfolio pieces and a working website that I can direct potential employers and clients to. Tutorials provided for web design processes were extremely coherent and helpful, and I'm sure I will continue to use them in the future even after graduating.
  • Liked pretty much everything about this course. Especially since this was the end of the semester and I didn't feel rushed to get things done.
  • The projects were all very fun and educational.
  • I liked the Branding suite project the most.
  • Everything.
  • The time frame we had was great I had lots of time to plan out my work and do research for them I also liked how organized and easy it was to understand the instructor.
  • I liked that we had plenty of work time
    What could be improved in this course?
  • I think it worked. There was ample time to complete all assignments and receive help in class as needed.
  • Nothing.
  • Nothing
  • I think the iPad presentation project could be expanded in expectations of whats included
  • More time.
  • a few more hours on reviewing our projects and showing examples of past projects.
  • have a couple more critiques in class
  • All of the projects were very fun and I came out with a lot of cool portfolio pieces. Craig is also my favorite teacher and was pleased to have another class with him.
  • All the projects were relative to the field and we had the ability to create our own Ideas into the guidelines of the project.
  • Refreshed my mind on things I haven't done in awhile and good amount of work time
  • all the feed back I got on my work.
  • Great class, enjoyed the variety of projects. The teacher was always there to help me succeed.
  • I enjoyed exploring different presentations.

What could be improved in this course?

  • N/a
  • Group critique the class before the web site is due on the projector
  • ...
  • Nothing, I liked the class how it was.
  • Different projects that we haven't have had experience with.