Windhill Books

Brand Identity and Marketing Material

Windhill Books is a small publisher of children's picture books and illustrated middle-grade chapter books.

The goal was to communicate they are a serious, professional publisher—but also a light-hearted, fun, and somewhat whimsical company. After all, their stories do take place in faraway, make-believe lands.

While the books are intended for kids and young teenagers, the brand identity will be mainly viewed by business professionals including distributors, wholesalers, retail store buyers, bookstore owners, librarians, industry journals, and book reviewers.



















































Direct Mail Catalog with order form, and a bookmark to give away at book signings and author events.









Solid wood retail floor display which holds several different titles and products. And two counter top in-store point-of-sale displays. These displays are also used at trade shows and art-and-craft fairs.





This logo, which appears on the back of each printed book, was created to advocate for jacketless books. Less paper, less waste, happy planet—something the owners strongly believe in. Since the floors of their kids' rooms often get littered with ripped and wrinkled dust jackets, why not just do away with them?