The Meaning of White


White symbolizes simplicity, elegance, truth, innocence, goodness, and purity. White is the primary color of medical and hygienic products because it represents cleanliness and an antiseptic quality. White is a popular product and packaging color for soaps, household cleaners, shampoos, toothpaste, and skin lotions. Breath mints are commonly white to symbolize a clean, fresh mouth after use. The majority of cleaning utensils such as cotton balls, swabs, toothbrush bristles, scrub brushes, dishcloths, mops, and dish towels are white. Consumers see a white cleaning utensil and associate them with a clean end result.

White is also popular with consumers when packaging white products. Milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, lotion and sugar all seem cleaner and more authentic when packaged in the appropriate white color (Sutton & Whelan, 2004).