Introduction to Developing Creativity


Can we teach ourselves to be creative? Can we teach others to be creative? Or, is creativity reserved for the chosen few who are gifted and "born with it"?

Some of my graphic design students begin designing projects on a rather sour note. When we start generating ideas, or sketching concepts, some students will say, “I can’t think of any ideas,” or, “I am just not feeling creative today.”

As a teacher, artist and designer, it is disheartening to hear my students begin a fun design project with a lack of creativity and a seemingly uninspired attitude.

In my classes we go through several activities that are designed to encourage creativity and get students thinking in new and clever ways. We collaborate and share ideas in groups, we brainstorm concepts, we sketch concepts, we critique, and we research outside ideas. These activities seem to work for some students, but not as many as I would like. I began researching how to develop creativity so I could design learning activities to encourage myself, and my students, to be more creative.

Let's start our journey to learn more about creativity by defining it and seeing how other people around the world view creativity.