Design Fundamentals

Project 3 - Website Design


1. Introduction

For this project you will design a website homepage. You will do two designs for the same client/company. One will be for a desktop and one will be for a mobile phone.

2. Examples






Final Design

Mckayla Marsolek


More student work









3. Learn more

Web Design Tips
My goal with this how-to learn web design course is to teach beginners web design. I plan to teach my kids web design in the coming years, so I am also writing this so they can understand the basic concepts, then grow and expand past the basics, and hopefully become savvy designers who don't fear the web. I've often asked myself, "What if they don't want to be designers?" My answer and philosophy is that…(read more)

4. Apply it

Design Project
For this project you will design a website homepage for a desktop and a mobile phone. Same client, two different designs that look like they go together. Brand elements, like colors, type, photos, art, layout grid, theme, etc. should make them look like they are for the same company or client.

OPTIONAL - Build and present your project on - build it as you go through the design process. This is what your Behance presentation should look like: Example Behance Presentation

What's Due

  • 10 B/W Thumbnail Sketches (marker or pencil)
    (2" tall or wide)
  • 1 Color Rough (marker or Adobe Illustrator)
    (6"-8" tall or wide)
  • 2 critiques in class
  • 1 Final Design (in marker or Adobe Illustrator)
    (10"-12" tall or wide)

5. Evaluate it

We'll evaluate your design work using these learning outcomes (also on this project's evaluation sheet):

  • Are you designing effective marketing and advertising material?
  • Are you appropriately using design software?
  • Are you following a design process?
  • Are you practicing legal & ethical standards?
  • Are you explaining and selling your creative solutions?