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Photo Direction and Cropping

Just like refraining from using type set directly on the computer, I challenge you to refrain from using stock photography in its original form. Unless you have hired a photographer and personally directed the photo shoot, I would suggest carefully analyzing your photographs to see how they can be cropped to best fit your needs.

Below are examples of a stock photograph and how it can be re-sized and cropped to change how it effects you layout and design. Changes include:

  • Moving an element to the front by slightly cropping its edges
  • De-cluttering a busy background by enlarging the photo and cropping out extra elements
  • Creating a more emphasized and abstract shape to grab the reader's eye and attention
  • Moving or changing the emphasis of the primary element (or other elements)
  • Adjusting the visual hierarchy of your elements
  • Changing the "white space" available to place your other design elements (headline, copy, art, logos, etc.)
  • Adjusting your photo to utilize the "Rule of Thirds."


Girl in field


Girl in field


Girl in field