eBook Introduction


This tutorial teaches authors, designers, and book publishers how I created an ePub eBook version of my children's books.

I've read a lot about epub creation and like most things that I read, I couldn't find much that addressed exactly what I wanted to do with my book. So I had to stumble through the process, using trial and error, to get what I wanted. I also had to consult my retailer's guidelines—so they would accept my epub files for sale.

Feel free to use my epub step-by-step process to create your own epub books, or adapt it to meet your needs.


Initial Look

Here's what one of my children's book looks like in Apple's iBooks:

Create an ePub eBook


I set it up this way, because I wanted parents and kids to be able to enlarge the font size to help them when they are learning to read. I also like how the book retains the white space and give it a more "literary" feel.

So… how did I do this? The first step, of course, was to finish my book and all its illustrations. Once I did that, I opened InDesign and began setting up the pages. Click the "Create eBook" tab above to get started.