Graphic Design & Marketing

Marketing Collateral


You will choose and design 1–3 pieces of marketing collateral for each project.

Make sure your design fits your brand and target market. Be sure to review your objective, brand, target market characteristics, and research while you design.

Also make sure you are designing something new and different. Research the competition as well. See what others are doing so you do something different.

Consider a foldable marketing piece for one of your three. A brochure, menu, small catalog, or direct-mail piece, are good examples. You must also create a full-size mock-up of your foldable. I will help you with this in class. I also have many samples and templates to use as inspiration.

Many students use the real-life templates below to create their foldables. Just download the template you want, tweak it as needed, and add your own design work.

Define each marketing piece by addressing these areas

marketing material name
Describe your marketing piece here. What is it? What size is it?

Tell your story. Why did you design the piece the way you did? Why did you choose to use the elements—colors, typefaces, design elements, borders, artwork, illustrations, photos?


Describe how your marketing material will be used. Will it be a billboard placed in a metro area? Will it be a website that responsively delivers to mobile devices? Will it be a brochure suite that is handed out at a community event?

skill set
Describe the skills you used. Examples: All the illustrations were drawn with pen and ink and then watercolored. I took all the photos with my Canon T31 DSLR in a product photo booth. The logos and icons were drawn in Illustrator; photos were corrected in Photoshop; web design in HTML & CSS; final layout in InDesign.

Collateral Examples


Website on a desktop computer and ipad screen


Logo, letterhead, envelope, and business card



Product catalog with order form / brochure / Bookmark



Interior coffeehouse branding

- Scott Naauao, on Behance


Packaging suite for dry rubs

- Design by Day, on Behance


More inspirational collateral examples: Collateral Examples

Collateral Ideas

This is a list built from actual graphic design job postings. They are listed in order of frequency in job postings. This is what real employers want you to design for them.

  1. Brand Identity
  2. Brand Campaigns
  3. Advertisements
  4. Web sites
  5. Sales & Marketing presentations
  6. Catalogs
  7. Brochures
  8. Packaging
  9. Posters
  10. Signage
  11. Direct mail
  12. Web banner ads
  13. POP, POS (sales displays)
  14. Post cards
  15. Newsletters
  16. Books
  17. Banners
  18. E-mail blasts
  19. T-Shirts
  20. Invites
  21. Logos
  22. Trade show booths
  23. Press kits
  24. Social Media/Networking
  25. Training Materials
  26. eBooks
  27. Photography
  28. Calendars

Foldable Templates

Here are several template you may use to create your foldable. Feel free to customize them to be unique to your brand and your portfolio.

All templates are in InDesign, and are designed to be printed 2-sided on the color printer. Be sure use 11x17, heavier weight stock.


Single Fold - 8" x 10"
Download template: single_fold_8x10.indd (1.2MB)



Short Front Brochure
Download template: short_front_brochure.indd (1.3MB)



Brochure 3-Panel
Download template: brochure_3panel.indd (1.2MB)


Fold First… then cut to size

fold cut demo


Accordion 4 Panel
Download template: accordion_4panel.indd (1.3MB)



Plus Fold
Download template:



Plus Fold w/Coupon
Download template: