Graphic Design & Marketing

Project 1 - Packaging Dieline Template & Mockup


New cardboard/paperboard packaging for an existing product

Create a brand new, 3-dimensional, packaging design for an existing product currently sold in stores

  1. Go to the store and buy a product (less than $10) that you think needs a new package design—find a really poor design.
  2. Choose a unique die template to package your product. Or use the existing packaging and update/alter it.
    • Choose packaging that when de-constructed, fits on an 12x18 sheet with bleed
    • You may also find your own template online.
    • Remember form and function.
    • It must look good and advertise/merchandise/protect/ship the product.
    • Be Green! Reduce your packaging to the minimum required.
    • Make it easy to open too.
  3. First, create your die line.
    • I opened up and flattened the packaging box for my product. I then used a black piece of paper for the background and scanned it in. Use the color printer, it's very efficient! I'll show you how.
      box scan

    • Then, I created a vector die line by tracing the edges and folds in Illustrator
      (Sample: tabasco_dieline.pdf )

      final die line
  4. Next, create and identify what each line/area means.
    • I put each line style on a separate layer

  5. Print a copy on heavy weight paper (176 gsm), 12" x 18". Then, cut, assemble, and see how it looks in 3D. Follow these steps to create your box safely:
    • Use a scissors to cut out your box—only cut the solid pink/red lines all the way through (not the dashed red lines). Cut straight so it looks professional.
    • I would recommend NOT using an x-acto knife. A scissors works just fine and it's safer.
    • Then, score your fold lines with a bone folder or a penny/nickel edge.
    • Score on the top of the fold (the front of your printed sheet).
    • Next, put double-sided tape on your glue areas and assemble your box.

    • Place your product in the box and see how it fits
      product in box
    • Make any necessary adjustments
    • Keep tweaking and reprinting the mock up until it's right