Graphic Design & Marketing

Product Review Video


Companies are increasingly using product review videos as a powerful marketing tool.

Some are made by the company’s spokepeople. Some are made by “professional reviewers” who have their own YouTube channels. Some are fancy and professionally produced. Some are low-fi and made in someone's garage.

Whoever makes them, their main value is to:

  • Educate the viewer about the benefits of the product or service
  • Show new and imaginative ways to use the product of service
  • Use the tried-and-true testimonial marketing strategy
    (you hear from a real person why they bought and use the product)
  • Use the tried-and-true bandwagon marketing strategy
    (hey, everyone is using this product, you should too!)


We'll do this fun project together in class.

Don't be late . . . you'll learn a little about animation, video production, YouTube hosting.

Here are some product review samples to review