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Design Project - Mixed Recycling Signs


I'll be your instructor for this course. These links will help you get to know me better. See you in class!




For this project each student will complete four sign designs for Western's mixed recycling bins.


Communicate clearly and quickly what the bin is for and what should go in it.

Like most good design and signage, pictures communicate more effectively than type. They also transcend language and in most cases, culture. If your images are informative enough you shouldn't need too much type.

Challenge yourself to create a sign that can be understood by a child who can't read.

Four signs you will design

  1. Mixed Recycling, 18" x 18", full color, CMYK, 300ppi
  2. Mixed Recycling, 8.5" x 11", full color, CMYK, 300ppi
  3. Waste, 18" x 18", full color, CMYK, 300ppi
  4. Waste, 8.5" x 11", full color, CMYK, 300ppi

All signs will be designed in Illustrator or InDesign.



Use for 18" x 18" signs


Use for 8.5" x 11" signs


You must use Western's branded black bar on the bottom

It could be straight, curved, or more decorative to match your design.

Be sure to use Western's official horizontal logo, colors, typeface, branded photos and/or illustrations, repeatable design elements.


Optional - Use Neon Leon

Download: neon_leon_poses.zip



Western's current bin and signage


Include these 6 categories on your posters

Use this image from Waste Management as a guide. You may use photos or illustrations.
I don't think I would include the DO NOT INCLUDE categories.

Learn about Mixed/Single Stream Recycling

Milwaukee, Wisconsin's single stream recycling facility


Waste Management's "What can I recycle" website


Single stream recycling facility in Colorado


Recycling facility visit


Inspirational Illustration styles

What to impress employers? Step up your illustration game and draw like these professionals.

Behance Vector illustration Collection


Good examples of single stream signs

All signs are not created equal. We'll discuss the difference in these sample signs together in class.

We'll start with several good examples to get your ideas flowing.

These are good signs because









Average Examples

These signs are okay, and get the message across, but they aren't designed or illustrated as well as the signs above



Poor Examples

These are poor examples that lack organization, clarity of message, or are just poorly designed