Graphic Design & Marketing

What students say…



  • For this course in a way I liked that there weren't specific due dates for the Brand ID project, but in another way I didn't. I liked it because it will prepare us for what it's going to be like out in the the real work area. But I also didn't like it because it made me f eel like I was always behind on when the project should be done.
  • Everything online is helpful for answering my questions
    I really enjoy this class it is a good environment with very set things that are easy to accomplish within the given time.
  • Craig has step-by-step tutorials on his site for certain processes that really helped me out. He would still go through them in class so we could see them executed, but it was really nice to have those tutorials to ref er back to when I was attempting it on my own and may have forgotten certain details.
  • i never had a problem getting help from Craig and he will walk around to make sure that none of us have any
    questions and if we do he will not hesitate to help
  • I appreciate all of the work time that we are given so that we can have time to just work and that Craig is available
    all the time f or questions and helping you to solve your problems.
  • Since the course is primarily based on projects, Craig asked for our opinion on how we most preferred to receive
    feedback throughout the projects. To appeal to each of our preferences, we had several different forms of
    receiving feedback from peers and from him. I appreciated the variety of methods.

Areas Craig did well

  • I liked that we were able to work in class on our projects
  • I liked that the subjects for the projects were whatever we chose. I liked that we had an adequate amount of work
    time. I enjoyed the environment and the people that were in my class. And I appreciate that Craig is there to help.
  • The projects were f un and do able. I learned a lot f rom just two projects.
  • I love how everything is provided online in a detailed manner, it really helps f or when I am at home and I f orgotten
    how to accomplish something or what is expected f or an assignment. I also love Craig's f eedback on everything.
    He really does show his experience with us, which is helpf ul because we want to know what to expect and what
    clients are looking f or in our work.
  • we had a lot of work time, I also f elt like I was doing a ob and not just turning in a project.
  • I really liked that Craig was able to give us a lot of one on one time with him. It's always nice to see what the
    instructor likes or what they would change. It was a very relaxed atmosphere I really liked as well. I didn't f eel so
    stressed with his class. With my other classes I always f eel like I don't have enough time to get assignments
    done, so it was nice to have a little leway on what not having a tight-knitted schedule f or projects.
  • i dont dislike it
  • The projects and the instructor. He is very knowledgable and has a good eye. He isn't af raid to tell us things he
    does not like and that is ef f ective in the Graphic Design f ield.
  • I thought that the projects were great. They helped me learn real lif e kills about the job I want to get.
  • I absolutely love this class. All the projects are f un and I've had a huge interest in both of the projects. We get
    plenty of work time during class with is always the best because we get ahead and have the opportunity to ask
    the instructor questions if need be.
  • I like that we got to work at our own pace we have a f inal due date i like this because i have a busy lif e and its
    nice to work when i have a chance
  • I pretty much covered that already in my comments. I like having the tutorials to ref er to, the in-class work time,
    and the variety of critiques.
  • well organized and instructor answered questions
  • The projects we did will be great pieces f or showing potential employers.

Areas Craig can improve

  • an extra due date here or there
  • I wish that the semesters were back to normal length so that we could be able to do more with our projects.
  • I wish there were more f requent grades on the second project.
  • Honestly, this class is great as it is. I only wish that this class was longer and we would have a little more extra
    time on some of the projects.
  • The only thing I would possibly change was maybe telling us more of ten when we should have certain pages
    done in the Brand ID book. Felt like I needed an update on that to help me get motivated sometimes to get things
    done. Other than that nothing else.
  • no idea
  • Nothing! Or, maybe more small projects?
  • Maybe if the projects were a little smaller, so we could do more than just a couple of them.
  • Nothing. Everythig about this course is great.
  • maybe add another project to the course
  • Maybe just sticking to the class-wide critiques or the f ace-to-f ace critiques with Craig. I didn't get a lot of
    f eedback when just meeting with classmates, but I'm not really sure how to rectif y that situation.
  • nothing,
  • At least one more project instead of only 2 main projects.