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First, you should introduce your client, or viewer, to your project and define what it is you are attempting to accomplish.

This informative summary is also helpful to keep you on task as you design your brand identity. Refer to it often, it will keep you on track and assist your decision making.

Take the time to write something informative and meaningful..

Address these five categories in your project summary

1. Project Objective
Define your objective here. What are you trying to accomplish for your client? Describe the brand message you are trying to communicate to their customers. Keep this paragraph short, but informative.

2. Research

What did you learn about your client's industry? What is the rest of the industry doing? Learn about the industry so you do something that is appropriate and fitting, but still original. Look at competitor brands, websites, commercials, ads, packaging, etc.

Is everyone currently using blue or red for their primary brand color, and a clear glass bottle for packaging? Tell us how you are going to use green and then use green colored glass to be different and stand out on the grocery store shelf.


3. Concept and Solution
This should be your longest paragraph. Describe how you are visually communicating your client’s message to their customers. Tell your story. What do you want the customers to think of when they interact with your design work? How will they feel? Did you wait under an umbrella for hours to get just the right photo of their sidewalk bistro filled with happy customers? Did you draw upon the surrounding historical buildings for the logo art, design elements, and background photos? tell your story and inject personality into your description.



4. Brand Message

Sum up, in 3–5 words, what it is you are trying to communicate.


5. Target Market

Define who your customers are. Give 10 characteristics (age, beliefs, family status, career, education, income, hobbies, interests, home ownership, etc.)


Put all of this information on your final Behance project page.

Examples of Descriptive Project Summaries


Tori Richard, BRANDING
Tori Richard is a Honolulu, Hawai’i-based resort lifestyle company. Founded in 1956, they are known for their globally inspired textile prints and fine detailing of its men’s and women’s resort wear.

The old Tori Richard brand suffered from a dated look and a monogram that was difficult to utilize within their garments. The old brand skewed masculine in tone and colors—appropriate for their men’s resort wear that was popular since the company first started—but strongly disconnected with their new burgeoning women’s line. A rebrand was necessary to modernize the look and tone of the company in a gender-neutral way while still paying homage to its humble Honolulu roots.

The rebrand, done at Wall-to-Wall Studios, features an updated logo and identity system with contemporary typography and a new color that resonates equally well for their men’s and women’s line. The revised monogram is loosely inspired by asian seals, or chops, and is a proud stamp of craftsmanship to the garments they produce. In addition, new brand standards were created to provide guidelines for carrying out the look and feel across advertisements, merchandising, website design and decor elements.

- Scott Naauao, on Behance


* * *


Pizza Pack Co
Identity, Packaging & Advertising

Pizza Pack Co is a fun home pizza-making kit, which equips the customer with ingredients and instructions to make their own fresh and tasty pizzas at home in just 10-15 minutes. Each pack comes supplied with pizza dough, tomato sauce and topping ingredients for the chosen flavour / type of pizza. This is a fresh and innovative new idea to the market that creates a whole new enjoyable experience out of the usually-mundane task of making dinner.

It is primarily aimed at a young, interactive target audience but can also appeal to different categories. For example, it is an easy and fun activity to do as a couple’s date-night / as an adult & child bonding activity or as friends having a night in together. The brief was to create branding and packaging for Pizza Pack Co that embodied youth, colour and brightness while evoking a feeling of energy and life.

Some elements considered when creating this branding were: the raw feel of pizza fresh from the oven, the light-heartedness and fun of making the pizza from scratch along with emphasizing how the ingredients are fresh. I chose imagery which conveyed the energy of the target audience enjoying the experience along with fun, quirky baking tool icons. There is a D.I.Y. feel incorporated into the layout and typography in the collateral, giving a sense of action and movement. The language used is open and friendly, using slogans that are bright and fresh to appeal to the vibrant, fast-paced target audience.

Displayed is the range of collateral designed for Pizza Pack Co, which includes the logo and colour variations, business card, outdoor advertisements, wobbler tag and the box & pot images. The client was very happy with the result and felt it embodied all the values that they wished to portray to consumers correctly.

- Clare Lynch, on Behance


* * *


The Challenge
2012 Annual report design theme of the customer-bank was dedicated to endangered species inhabited on the territory of Armenia for providing publicity to the country’s nature conservation program jointly implemented with WWF.

The Solution
When working on this project naturalistic approach with colored pencils technique was selected as having the most promise. By their execution, the animal drawings unwittingly attract attention to unfinished part thereby communicating the threat of extinction. Annual report graphics are shown with animal life cycle drawings.

The Result
We are rewarded for the fact that our work resulted in raising the public awareness on the impending extinction issue of several animals. The client opened a bank account for the contributions to the project as well as widely promoted the annual report among its customers, shareholders and a number of key private and public organizations.

Working Group
Art director: Stepan Azaryan, Graphic Designer: Karen Gevorgyan, Illustrator: Armenak Grigoryan, Anahit Margaryan

- Back Bone Branding, on Behance


* * *


Client: MRC Flava
Crafted: Brand / Packaging / POS / Website / Photography
The Great British Butcher is a new range of British-inspired rubs and seasonings prepared by MRC Flava, a third generation family owned company that started out in the butcher trade back in 1976.
With the rising popularity of farm shops and gourmet butchers, the brief was to come up with a brand identity and packaging that built on the company's genuine British heritage, celebrates the tradition of the British butcher, and communicates good, honest quality.
Like the product, the packaging is simple, robust and wholesome, balancing both traditional and modern elements. The product's British heritage is communicated subtly through the logo, and the vintage-style typography gives a clear nod to the past. Playful illustrations on the side of each tin highlight the importance of the carefully selected, quality ingredients.
A lot of time, effort and love was put into making the perfect flavours and we wanted this to come across through the packaging.
The project has been featured on The Dieline, Computer Arts blog, Lovely Package, Design Week, Packaging of the World and Creative Boom!"

- Design By Day, on Behance


* * *


The Challenge
Backbone was bought to boost yogurt-using culture among 14- to 32-year-old demographic.
Being dissatisfied with the previous design, the client set the task of making the MOJO bottles more appealing to the target.

The Solution
During the first stage of work, the designers concentrated on stylish looking concept and explored ways to express it visually in the slim-shaped fitness body container. With the shape decided, they moved to stage two - designing bold and expressive typography and visualizing product’s flavor range. To convey the natural origin of the yogurts, we decided to use pure photos of fruits and milk. After extensive photosessions the final design was eventually made on the version of mixing brand name letters with fruit photos on dominating fresh-looking white background. Fruit colors drove the design color palette and helped to organize the product range.

The Result
The new “look and feel” of MOJO yogurts immediately enticed the target to the product. Backbone not simply accomplished the task of capturing the young audience through creating distinguished and colorful packaging but executed and drove yogurt market transformation.
It soon became proven market leader in its category and became the client company’s primary marketing vehicle.

Kiev International Advertising Festival / 2011 / Packaging design / SILVER

- Back Bone Branding, on Behance


* * *


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