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I recommend designers create a resume that showcases your talent, experience, value, and writing, layout, typography, and Infographic abilities. You are a professional visual communicator—your resume should prove this.

The best resumes are to-the-point, have stellar type design, and utilize some infographics.

Here's a few tips to remember about infographic resumes:
Infographic resumes do's and dont's (from

The following samples show different resume designs you can use as idea starters. Take notice of how the information is chunked, organized, indented, and how categories are set up.

Clarity of design and delivery of information is the most important aspect of your resume’s layout. You will be evaluated on your writing, content, and page design.



Many more samples of infographic resumes on Behance:





Download a PDF to read the type: resume_sample.pdf (60K)


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Bad Resume Sample

resume bad