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LinkedIn - Social Media Networking for the Job Seeker


About LinkedIn

Job seekers… You might want to have a LinkedIn account. You can use it to network and help you find a job.

LinkedIn provides an incredibly easy and efficient way to build your valuable professional network. It offers many options for the job seeker that you should take advantage of. I will demonstrate my LinkedIn account and profile in class to hopefully inspire you to do the same.

To download a PDF:

  • Click the "Profile" tab in your navigation
  • Click the small triangle to the right of the "Edit Profile" button
  • Choose Download a PDF
  • This will give you access to your profile/resume text. All you have to do is open InDesign, copy and paste your text, and design your resume.

I will show you how I link my LinkedIn account to my online Behance portfolio as well. This is an efficient way to keep your job search social and digital.