Graphic Design Portfolio

What students say…



  • I put a lot of effort into this class considering everything that we were going to use was for our future in promoting ourselves as Graphic Designers.
  • I love taking courses with Craig. He has a lot of experience in the field and shares his knowledge with us. He gives us plenty of work time in class to accomplish our projects. I would highly recommend future students to take his courses!
  • Super easy course. Loved having his website to look at due dates or to see what we were going to be doing in class that week.
  • Craig's teaching is always great. Love feeling relaxed in his class.

What did you like about this course?

  • Extremely helpful information about being prepared for the job search.
  • I had fun, and got the help I needed!
  • The instructor and the projects.
  • Super flexible and could always get the one on one time I needed
  • The packaging suite project was my favorite because it is a nice portfolio piece and it gives a lot of room for creativity
  • Everything.
  • Loved all the fun projects, it's awesome making things that are going to help promote ourselves.
  • Had a lot of work time
  • Doing all the fun projects, also all the work time we had to work on them.
  • Craig's teaching style. We were given basic guidelines but we had a lot of freedom to design the way we wanted to.
  • How we were allowed the work time.
  • I feel like this class really helped prepare me to start looking for work after graduation. I have a resume, portfolio, and basically all other materials I might need to begin interviewing for jobs. I appreciated the work time and constant willingness to provide assistance and feedback on projects.
  • I enjoyed the creative freedom and in-class work time we had throughout the course.
  • The ability to work on our portfolio's and make them professional.
  • Prepared me for what lies ahead

What could be improved in this course?

  • more critiques
  • If there could be less feed back from the peers, and more from you.
  • Honestly, I can't really come up with anything. I think this course was exactly what it should have been.
  • Nothing!!
  • nothing
  • Nothing. This was possibly the best class I've had all semester.
  • Nothing, its great.
  • Nothing
  • More time.
  • Nothing.