Great Mobile User Interface Design (UI/UX)


This page teaches graphic designers how to design effective user interfaces.

It also shows several examples of mobile user interface design and provided several articles that show graphic designers how to achieve great UI design results.

Use the links below to learn more about user Interface Design

  • Principles of User Interface Design
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  • Effective Visual Communication for Graphical User Interfaces
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  • iOS Human Interface Guidelines - Design Principles
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  • 10 User Interface Design Fundamentals
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  • User interface design principles: 12 pro tips
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What size should I design for?

Let's keep this simple. Just design for the iPhone screen proportions.

  • iPhone screen design size: 3.4"w x 6.4"h, 300ppi, RGB
    (1080x1920 px)


  • Inspired User Interface Design
  • 30 Recent Inspirational UI Examples in Mobile Device Screens
  • 20 stunning examples of minimal mobile UI design
  • 20 Beautiful Mobile User Interface For Your Inspiration


Target's App

  • Minimalistic
  • Lots of white space (breathing room)
  • Focus on what's important to the user (simple list of 8 categories)
  • Consistent use of grid layout, typeface, color, and design elements (rounded corners)
  • Each new screen provided more information and/or progress toward their goal
  • Each new screen adds value to their search. No wasted or confusing screens.
  • Each screen has limited information. Delivers information in small chunks.