New Logo Designs


The flagstone of and brand identity is a company's logo. The logo introduces the customer to the brand and product and sets the tone for the brand experience.

Here are several brands I continue to track. It's interesting to see which direction these companies decide to go with their look. Where I can find the information, I also include articles and descriptions explaining why the changes were made.


Why change a logo?

Companies and organizations re-design their packaging, logos, web sites, and brand identity to reflect changes in their marketing campaigns, product offerings, target audience, media usage, and to keep up with ever-changing trends, styles, and consumer needs.

Over the last decade I have seen more and more companies continue to follow a trend to redesign and "soften" their look to appeal to women, and bring a more "natural" look to their brands.

Marketers have know since the 50s that women buy or directly influence the purchase of most products. This movement to soften brand identities to target women will most likely continue for some time as companies strive to freshen their look and keep up with this trend.



Walmart updated their logo and added a brandmark to their identity in 2008. They stated that research showed that women flat-out didn't like their logo and that is wasn't "soft." Walmart also wanted to signify change as they try to rid themselves of their "cheap products" association and to be seen as a store selling quality, brand name products. Note: a change we had seen Penney and Sears successfully navigate in the 90s.

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