Great Graphic Design - Tea Box


This page shows an example of a tea box and details how its graphic designers achieve great results. Best practices are highlighted, including font sizes used, leading, color scheme, photo direction, layout grid, etc. Enjoy!

Tazo Tea Packaging

This example is used to show the type point size that Tazo designer's used when designing their new packaging.

A few things to notice

  • 7 and 8 point type is the smallest upper and lowercase point size they use. This helps to maintain legibility, especially with those who have difficulty reading small type
  • 6 point is used, but only on the vertical type in ALL-CAPS. All caps helps very small type appear larger and makes it easier to read.
  • Notice how some areas, like the ingredients, utilize very little leading (the vertical spacing between lines of type) to chunk the lines together and form a visual group or element.
  • This is also the case on the opposite panel (left) where the designer has utilized a lot of leading to space out the lines of text and creating a design element or chunk of information. The lines are either positively or negatively leaded to unify them and make them go together.
  • Color is also an important part of this design. It is basically a 2-color design. This simplicity reinforces a minimalistic style and a modern brand.
  • The gray and orange work nicely together. Gray delivers the Tazo brand and keeps their packaging suite consistent. While the orange defines the primary flavor of the product.
  • Layout: Lots of white space is used to provide ample "breathing room" and further reinforces the minimalistic brand and design style.