Great Graphic Design - Web Ads


This page shows several examples of website advertising design. It also details how graphic designers achieve great results by using a set of brand assets to deliver a message.

The process is fairly simple. Designers create, choose, or are given photos, words (copy), design elements (borders), colors, and typefaces. They arrange these brand assets to create the web ads shown below.

Common Web Ad Sizes

  • Leaderboard Ad
    10.125"w x 1.25"h, 300ppi, RGB
    (will be 729 x 90px at 72ppi)
  • Medium Rectangle Ad
    4.167"w x 3.472"h, 300ppi, RGB
    (will be 300 x 250px at 72ppi)
  • Wide Skyscraper
    2.222"w x 8.333"h
    (will be 160 x 600px at 72ppi)


Only 7 Brand Assets . . .


Were used to create these web ads


More examples







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