Illustration Concepts

Illustration 1


Hand In

  1. Final Illustration on appropriate paper/screen/file
  2. Student self-grading sheet: il_grading_sheets.pdf (58K)



  • Choose a commercial subject matter of your choice (think about your portfolio)
  • Must show me 3 examples of your choice currently in use in marketing material
  • Find reference and draw light pencil/digital lines on final drawing paper/screen



  • Medium: Prismacolor colored pencils, pen & ink, digital drawing or painting
  • Surface: White illustration paper 8.5” x 11”. (Instructor will provide), or screen
  • Size: 8" x 10", 10" x 8"
  • Color: Full color or B/W (depending on the needs of your brand identity project)
  • Hours to complete: 8–14 (you have approx. 12 hrs in class over 3 weeks)

Find Good Reference

Make sure you find real-life, or photography reference for every element you are going to draw/paint in your final illustration. Be sure to review the guidelines for good reference on the Syllabus web page.

When I drew the strawberries for Jane's Jelly I simply conducted an advanced Google image search for strawberries.

Here are my search results

Next I began sketching what I wanted my strawberry to look like. I used the many images for reference only. I did not trace, copy, or use the images as they were.

I created my own image in my own style to use in my project.


Next I created a pen & ink drawing


Then I watercolored it


I needed five more fruits so I repeated the process. First I searched for a bunch of pictures of each fruit. Then I sketched them with a pencil, inked them, and fianlly watercolored them.



Here's how the final jelly jar label looked

When Drawing and Painting

Remember… take one shape at a time, slowly. Don't allow yourself to feel overwhelmed. I usually draw a little light until I get about one-quarter done. Just to see how things go. If it looks right, I go back and darken the first one-quarter and move on from there.

Examples (Idea starters)

Liz Bremer's brand id with illustration (here) & (here)

Jane's Jelly example (here)

Behance Food Illustration Collection


Laura Beckman/Behance



Lauren Yurkovick/Behance



Zoe Keller/Behance



Steven Noble/Behance



Ken Jacobsen/Behance