Illustration Concepts

Illustration 3


Hand In

  1. Final Illustration on appropriate paper/screen/file
  2. Student self-grading sheet: il_grading_sheets.pdf (58K)



  • Choose a commercial subject matter of your choice (think about your portfolio)
  • Must show me 3 examples of your choice currently in use in marketing material
  • Find reference and draw light pencil/digital lines on final drawing paper/screen



  • Medium: Prismacolor colored pencils, pen & ink, digital drawing or painting
  • Surface: White illustration paper 8.5” x 11”. (Instructor will provide), or screen
  • Size: 8" x 10", 10" x 8"
  • Color: Full color or B/W (depending on the needs of your brand identity project)
  • Hours to complete: 8–14 (you have approx. 12 hrs in class over 3 weeks)

Find Good Reference

Make sure you find real-life, or photography reference for every element you are going to draw/paint in your final illustration. Be sure to review the guidelines for good reference on the Syllabus web page.

Example of good reference for a car drawing:

car reference

Transfer Guidelines to Your Paper

You decide how many guidelines you need to achieve a good drawing. If you are not sure how many you need, I suggest drawing as many as possible. You can always erase them.

Use a hard pencil (2H–4H) to transfer your lines. Don't press too hard, and take the time to draw your lines as accurately as possible. You'll thank yourself when you start drawing/painting.

If your lines get too dark, use your kneaded eraser to "stamp" them up and lighten them.

Here is an example of reference lines for a car (these have been darkened to show on the web):

car outlines

Start Drawing/Painting

Remember… take one shape at a time, slowly. Don't allow yourself to feel overwhelmed. I usually draw a little light until I get about one-quarter done. Just to see how things go. If it looks right, I go back and darken the first one-quarter and move on from there.

Here is the car in progress:

car in progress


Be patient. Go slowly, and before you know it, you'll be done—and hopefully pleasantly surprised and impressed by your talents and skills.


Historical Buildings in Indianapolis, IN (here)

Behance Buildings Illustration Collection

Behance Buildings Vehicle Collection


Lacey Hackett


Evgenii Sarychev/Behance



Kathleen Bradshaw/Behance



Lexi Rox
Tuk-tuk, colored pencil, 2014



Kyle Craft
Car Illustration, colored pencil, 2014



Meg LaPointe

Liz Bremer

Chad Coleman

Daisy Garibaldi

Chong Yang