Cold-calling is another proven method of finding jobs that aren’t posted, or are only posted in limited areas. When you cold-call you simply find companies that may hire you and you either call them and ask if they have any openings in your field, or you send them a cover letter, resume and color samples page and tell them that you are looking for work in (your field) and would like to meet with them to learn more about their company and discuss any future openings they may have. Whether you call or stop by, always send a cover letter, resume and samples so they keep you on file for future openings.

As with networking, be sure to keep a detailed record of who you called, when you spoke to them, and what you discussed. This way you will know where your conversation stands when you speak to them again. I recommend calling each contact back every month or so. This "check-in" call will keep your name and credentials at the top of their list when they finally have an open position that fits you. Don't call daily or weekly—you'll be viewed as a pest, or maybe even a desperate pest. And don't wait several months to call back either—you'll be viewed as a unorganized person who lacks personal initiative and passion to find a job. There is a fine balance here so be sure to keep detailed records so you can time your calls accordingly.

Now that you have networking and cold-calling in your job search arsenal, let's move on to Want Ad Browsing. Sounds exciting huh?! Well, you may be surprised with how much valuable information a want ad contains.