Job Application Form


The formal and legal document that you have to fill out when you interview with a company is a job application form. This form differs from the resume in that it is a legal document that you must sign. Your signature binds you to the accuracy of the information you provide on the application form, and if they request it, it gives the potential employer the right to conduct a background and credit check of you.
On the next page is a standard job application that most employers will use. Or they will use something similar.

Usually, you will be asked to complete this form the first time you meet with people at the company’s offices. Be sure to bring your driver’s license to identify yourself.

Here are several tips to help you complete a job application form:

  1. Use a black ink ball-point pen. (Not a marker, felt tip, or liquid ink pen—they will bleed through the paper)
  2. The job application does not replace a resume and cover letter. It is a document that is meant to be a legal document that ensures you are providing your potential employer with accurate information about you and about your past.
  3. Most employers will double check everything you write down on your application, so make sure to recheck your information and its accuracy.
  4. It is best to have all of this information written down before you apply for a job. This way you do not have to remember all those dates and information. You also guarantee it is accurate. You will still have to transfer the information to the employer’s form, sometimes handwriting it as I have done on the samples, but this ensures it is you filling out the form, and it ensures that you are the one signing the form.
  5. Read the fine print. Be sure you know what you are signing. If you have questions, ask to speak with the human resources manager for an explanation of the information. This, as with anything in life, should never be signed unless you understand what it is you are signing.
  6. Be sure to sign the job application form when you are done. This legally binds you to the information you provided to the employer. People have been fired, or not hired, for lying on an application.

I suggest you write, “negotiable” in the pay desired section. You may need to interview and learn more about the job before you know how much you should earn.


Job Application Sample

Here is a sample Job Application Form that you can print and fill out to prepare for your first interview (where you'll have to fill this form out):


job application sample


job_app_form.pdf (152K)
Take it to interviews so you have the required information at your fingertips.