Mailing Your Resume, Cover Letter, and Application Materials


Below is a sample of how your envelope should look. Print your envelope on a black and white laser printer for the best quality possible.

Note: the envelope sample is not actual size, it is smaller to fit on this web page. The actual resume envelope should be a 9” x 12”, or 9.5” x 12.5”, resume-quality envelope. By using the larger envelopes you do not have to fold the contents and risk damaging the laser-printed type on your letters and resume, or folding through your samples page.


Helpful Guidelines:

  1. Check spelling and proof-read all pieces. Use ALL CAPS for the “TO:” address (see sample)
  2. Sign your cover letter in black or blue ink
  3. Double check all pieces for smudges, chocolate, coffee, pasta sauce, etc.
  4. Make sure your type and art was aligned when your printed it. No slants, angles, or uneven borders
  5. Place your pieces in the envelope in the following order: Do not staple.
    • Cover letter
    • Resume
    • Color Samples Page
    • Others (double check the job posting to see what they requested you send)
  6. Make sure your envelope is either white OR the same paper stock as your cover letter and resume, (if available)




When everything is 100% accurate, mail it. Be sure you have the correct postage.