Resume Dos and Don'ts


Here is a quick reference list of resume dos and don'ts.


  1. Perfect spelling, grammar, punctuation
  2. Write clearly and succinctly (say a lot with few words)
  3. Use bullet points
  4. 1–2 pages max
  5. Use a clean, typo-heavy design—limit art, logos, photos or embellishments
  6. Use white space effectively
  7. B/w, or use small accents of color
  8. List job accomplishments, not job duties
  9. Qualify your statements
  10. Quantify your statements
  11. List and/or link to a web site with portfolio samples

Resume Don'ts

  1. Misspellings
  2. Grammatical Errors
  3. More than 2 pages
  4. Use paragraphs
  5. List high school
  6. E-mail with an attached 25MB PDF
  7. Use bright colored or scented paper
  8. Use odd sized or shaped paper