Thank You Notes


Surprisingly, many applicants do not write a thank you note or letter after an interview. And unfortunately for applicants who don’t send thank you notes, many interviewers say that a thank you letter would increase the applicant’s chances of getting the job, or at least help him/her stay in the running for the position, provided the applicant is otherwise qualified.

So… write thank you notes or letters after your interviews! Fifteen minutes of your time and a first class postage stamp are very inexpensive investments in your career. Thank you letters simply thank the interviewer for his or her time and reiterate some of the important things you learned about the company in the interview. You may also want to add some key qualifications that you forgot to mention in the interview, or emphasize some of the more important things you discussed. If the interviewer shared some information that gave you an insight into the company and its culture, mention how much you appreciated it.

A thank you letter should be short—three paragraphs at the most. The thank you letter reinforces your interest for the job, and your appreciation for their consideration.

A few guidelines to follow:

  1. Be sure to mail your thank you letter or card within one day of your interview
  2. Take the time to write a good, meaningful letter or note. Don’t rush just to “get it done.”
  3. Make sure their name is spelled correctly
  4. Make sure their title is accurate
  5. Make sure their address is accurate
  6. Make sure your return address is accurate.
  7. Print your letter on resume-quality paper and use a resume-quality envelope OR hand write a thank you card and envelope.
  8. Reference something specific that you discussed during the interview or tour. It makes your thank you more personal and thoughtful.
  9. Personally, I prefer to send and receive hand written thank you notes. They are most personal and meaningful.
  10. Be sure to sign your letter or card.