Great Packaging Design - Best Practices


GOAL: This tutorial demonstrates how to properly design great packaging. What works? What should you do. Fear not, the answers you search for are here.

Great packaging in a mini-commercial that sells your product to the customer as they stand before it in the supermarket or store aisle. What will influence them to reach toward a crowded shelf and choose your product over all the competitors?

Many considerations enter into getting a customer to choose your packaged product. These include: previous usage, previous advertising exposure, tasting it at a friend's party, hearing a friend liked it, wanting to try a new flavor, seeing its price fits their budget, remembering that their grandma used it, etc.

Your goal is to close the deal with your package design. Here's a few packaging tips and tricks to get you started down the right path.





Side 1


Side 2


End 1


End 2


Follow these tips and suggestions and you're well on your way to creating effective, informational, and influential packaging for your client. Good luck!