Packaging Suite


This tutorial demonstrates how to create a brand new, 3-dimensional, packaging design for a product.

Create one design first, then carry that design across 2 additional packages in the suite. Make sure they are consistent and look like they go together. The 2 additional packages could be additional flavors, products, sizes, etc.

Step-by-Step Instructions to create a packaging suite

  • Choose a packaged product you would like to redesign.
  • Take a photo of it to show the "before" state.



  • Remove the labels, scan them, and place the file in Illustrator.

  • I also took a picture on the cap so I could see how the previous designer designed it.



  • Next, create your packaging template in Illustrator. Like this:


  • Now you're ready to design
  • Create your new design in Illustrator using the template as your guide
  • Be sure to use all (or, almost all) the information on the original packaging

  • I left a medium green line where the die-cut line would be. I'll use this as a guide when I cut it out.


  • Next, print your packaging designs.



  • and cut out your labels with an X-acto knife



  • Using tape, or double-sided tape, attach your new label to the original bottle/can/package.
  • I'd suggest mocking it up like I've shown, instead of trying to digitally mock it up in Photoshop—which isn't as easy as it may seem


  • Once everything fits and looks good, make two more designs for your packaging suite.
  • Your two additional designs can be different flavors, or different size packages, etc.
  • You'll see below that I colorized my caps in Photoshop to match the labels. (I can show you how to do this)
  • Photograph your final packaging suite—and you're done!

Nice work!



You could also use Illustrator's 3D rotate effect to create a 3D mock up like the one below. (Click here for a 3D mock up tutorial to refresh your memory)



And if you feel like being really fancy… set your three bottles into a scene: