Photograph a Print in Reflective Glass


When building their graphic design graduate portfolios, several of my students bring in artwork encased in a frame with glass. The reflective glass makes it difficult to get a clean photo of their artwork.

Here's a solution that I've found fixes the problem and has given students a quality image to use in their portfolio.

  1. Place the framed print in our product photo booth. If the framed print is too big I will set it on the floor in a room with plenty of light (preferrably natural and florescent).
  2. Next, position the lighting as needed to flood the print with light while eliminating glare and highlights.
  3. Here is the initial set up
  4. And the initial result

    Notice several unwanted reflections in the glass. The light barn doors, tabletop, and background ceiling lights are causing trouble.
  5. Now, let's try a different set up

    I used a 20x30 sheet of black foam board with a hole cut for the lense.
  6. The tip of the lense barrel is the only part of the camera that pokes through.
  7. This solves our reflective problems. The black also helps keep the artwork's image rich with tonal values. This set up works especially well with pencil drawings.
  8. That's much better!
    This wonderful drawing was created by a student, E. Kendhammer.