Project 3: DVD Design


Hand In

  • Copy of the original individual photos
  • A print of your new DVD cover
  • A print of your new web banner ads


You will design:

  1. New DVD cover for a movie of your choice
    Size: I'll bring in a cover and you measure it for size, 300ppi, CMYK
  2. New web banner ads (3) for the same DVD (use the same brand assets as you did on your DVD cover design)

    Ad sizes:
    • Leaderboard Ad - 10.125"w x 1.25"h, 300ppi, RGB
    (will be 729 x 90px at 72ppi)

    • Medium Rectangle Ad - 4.167"w x 3.472"h, 300ppi, RGB
    (will be 300 x 250px at 72ppi)

    • Wide Skyscraper - 2.222"w x 8.333"h
    (will be 160 x 600px at 72ppi)

Use Google Advanced Search to find usable, hi-res photos. Be sure to use the usage rights filter when searching for photos and backgrounds to use in your design. Find images that are at least 2000–3000 pixels wide or tall. This will ensure you have enough resolution to work with.

I would suggest you use new people and backgrounds in your designs—so they are free to use. You may also use your own photos if they are hi-res and good quality.



Check out my Behance collection for student examples and idea starters: DVD Design examples.


DVD Cover

Web Banner Ads



DVD Cover

Web Banner Ads