Project 1: Photo Restoration


Hand In

  • Copy of your original photo
  • A PNG of your restored photo
    • Show before and after on same page
    • 300ppi

Restoring a damaged family photo can be a rewarding experience. They make for great keepsakes and wonderful presents.


Find an old family photo that has some damage to it. If you can't find a family photo, use Google to search for a usable old photo. Be sure to use the licensing filter in Google's Advanced Search.

Next, completely restore your photo using the Photoshop skills you are learning in this course. Make it look like it is brand new.

Size: Scan your photo to at least 7" tall, 300ppi, grayscale

Pick a realistic photo

Be sure to choose a photo that is restorable and not too damaged. Abe Lincoln below is a good photo to restore. It has some damage but no too much. Notice the sharp focus in this original photograph. There's a lot of detail to work with.


These two photos below will not restore well. They are too damaged. You stop restoring and begin illustrating in the damaged areas. Most of the time this doesn't work and the photo looks like a faked, blurred, smudged painting. Also note that these photos were shot out of focus in their original state. There's no bringing them into focus with Photoshop.

Student examples

Check out my Behance collection for student examples and idea starters: Photo Restoration examples.

More Google examples search…

Student Work

Emily Fremstad


Ryan Schulte