SEO Marketing Introduction


I have spent countless hours changing, enhancing and adapting my web sites and web pages so the information is valuable, helpful, interesting, and easy to find on the web and in search engines.

I have read many articles, browsed many "top ten" SEO lists, and spent even more time learning through trial-and-error. Once I began to see realistic, positive results from my SEO focused changes, I thought others may be able to learn from my successes, struggles and failures.

The following informational pages will highlight what SEO strategies I've found to be the most helpful when changing a web site to be more user and search engine-friendly.


First, What is your goal with SEO?

Personally, I don't expect my SEO efforts to make my site more popular, or to increase my link or ad click rates, or to make people want to read my content.

My goal is fairly simple: to get more people to my site.

The rest of the responsibility falls on me. What I mean is I can use SEO to rank high in search engine results, have other pages link to my pages, show up in all the directories, and drive thousands of visitors to my site. But that doesn't mean that they will find my content valuable, helpful, or interesting enough to return again and again. Again, this is my responsibility, not SEO.

Ever heard the phrase, "No business is built on one-time customers." I Believe this strategy also applies to web sites with content you are trying to share with the world and make some money from. You need a growing base of return customers to succeed in business.

There is a measurement in my Google Analytics reports page that shows how many customers only visit one page on my site and then leave. I want that number to be as low as possible. There is also another measurement that tracks how long visitors are on each page. I want that number to increase as well. I'd prefer a few minutes for each page, or long enough to read through the content and learn from it. I don't like seeing :02 seconds for a visit. This means they didn't find what they were expecting, or found it but didn't like it.

I have heard sales pitches over the phone and read many web pages that focus on the old "HOW TO OPTIMIZE TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEB SITE IMMEDIATELY" SEO pitch. These services are usually very expensive. After reviewing several of these, I find that they usually forget to tell potential customers that the main reason people visit a web site is for valuable content. They usually tell you that you can simply sign up, pay the fee, and they will take care of the rest. Now all you need to do is sit back while hordes of visitors, eager to click on your links and ads, flood to your web pages.

While I'm sure these companies will help in many areas, and they most likely will increase traffic to your site, don't forget that CONTENT IS KING. You have to first invest your time and energy and knowledge to create a compelling, valuable, and interesting web site to keep their interest, and keep them coming back, telling their friends, linking organically to your pages, etc.