SEO Marketing Tools and Tips 1


As I've watched many of my web site's measurements increase (or decrease) for the better over the years, I've tried to pinpoint which tactics and strategies have been the most useful. Below, I've compiled a list of the SEO strategies that I feel have helped the most.

While "helped the most" can be a vague statement, I guess I want what most people want from web analytics. Mainly an increased number of quality, loyal visitors that return often, stay awhile, and tell their friends and family about my site. Simple goals, not always easy to achieve.


Helpful, quality information is always #1

You can be at the top of a search engine ranking, but your business will not thrive on one-time visitors. No business does. Web sites with helpful information will attract repeat visits from people and their friends and family members. These visitors continue to return and tend to find their way to other pages and areas of your site they didn't initially intend to visit. These repeat visitors tend to spread the buzz… spreading the word via friends, sharing tags, social media, email, etc.


Develop a writing style and personality

This comes naturally for some, and not so much for others. I always try to write like I speak, so my content sounds as effortless as possible. Most people don't want to read a web site written in a formal master's degree thesis style. I like to think that the best web writing style is a balance between quick, snappy snippets and bulleted lists, and long drawn out, rambling prose. Achieving this is more difficult than it seems. I feel some of my pages are a little too long. It's a work in progress…


Keep your information up-to-date

The more content you have the more difficult this becomes—but keep at it. I try to write my content in a timeless fashion when I can. This is difficult when writing about technology trendy subject areas, but I still try to find a balance.


Read your own content

I write a lot of my web content to help myself. I usually forget more than I learn, so my web site helps to refresh my knowledge an remind me of things and processes that may slip my mind. I also read my own content to make sure it is still valid and useful. If the industry has changed, you need to update your


Page Title

<title>Simple SEO Tips and Tricks</title>. This is a very important part of increasing your search engine ranking. I like to keep my titles relevant to the subject matter and succinct. I prefer 5–10 well chosen words. My home page uses a few more to include my city and state.


Meta Descriptions

<meta name="description" content="Here are the best SEO strategies that I feel have helped grow my site...">. I like mine to be kind of like a advertisement's headline. Sometimes I ask a question, sometimes I make a statement and end with an ellipses (…) to try to get then to want to read more. I don't have a lot of proof that these work, but it's how I would want a description to read and I'll bet there are others. I prefer to keep my descriptions to 20–30 words.