SEO Marketing Tools and Tips 2


…continued from SEO Tips & Tricks 1, here are more tactics and strategies that I feel have helped grow my site and it's number of quality visitors.


Use Google Trends to help write titles and headlines

This is a cool web site: First, I type what I think people will call my page and it's content. I usually search the past 12 months—since trends can change so quickly. Type return and see what trending information you get…

The top of the page shows you the categories associated with your search term, and how much interest there has been.

seo simple tips


The real good stuff is toward the bottom of the results page. This shows you additional search terms that web searchers are using. It also shows (right side) rising trends in search term in your category. Pretty cool! I look at these for influence when I write my page titles, headlines and meta descriptions.

seo simple tips


Label your photos and web images to match content

I was doing an image search the other day and I noticed how unrelated the photos in the search results were. The naming conventions left much to be desired. This is a sounds warning to me that I need to make sure my images and photos are named appropriately. I have gone to naming my images based on the page's content. We'll see how it works.

For example, the Google Trends image above could have been named
google_trends_search_results.gif. Instead, I named it seo_marketing_tools2.gif. I'm hoping this will help lead searchers to this page if they search for seo images.