Group Critique Guidelines


Gather around the front screen, or a computer and show . . .

  • Original (If you are re-designing something)
  • Your design work

As a class, or in groups of 3–4

Your goal with our critique is to get a clear picture of how to improve your design work.



  • Present the original and your design work.
  • Be sure to state your brand message, your target audience, and describe how your design work will deliver the message to your audience. Discuss, in detail, your use of type art, photos, color, layout, etc.
  • Several people will offer at least one area that is done well, and at least one area to improve. Hopefully you'll have several helpful suggestions. Offer suggestions to improve, don't just point out what's wrong.
  • Spend 3–5 minutes on each person
  • Let's try to have a conversation and learn from each other. Let's not have a "bullet-pointed", quick, get-it-done, critique.