How to print packaging paper to the Xerox


How to print from your iMac to the Xerox on this paper size:

  • 12 x 18, 300gsm (Tabloid oversize)

Printing to the Xerox printer at Western works like this:

You will set up your entire print job at your iMac. You WILL NOT change any setting at the Xerox printer. You will ONLY release your print job at the Xerox.

How To Print: Step-by-Step

At your iMac, in an Adobe program (InDesign, Illustrator, Acrobat,etc.)

  1. Open your 12" x 18" packaging file in Illustrator

  2. Command P (or File > Print)
  3. Select the Xerox printer

  4. Select paper size and orientation

  5. Click: Setup

  6. Choose: Fiery Features

  7. Choose: Full Properties…

  8. Choose the Media tab and match these settings

  9. Choose the Finishing tab and match this setting

  10. Click: OK
  11. Click: Print

  12. Click: Print (again)

  13. At the Xerox console, touch the screen icon for Fiery
  14. Find your job under the held jobs tab
  15. Touch the small printer icon to the right of your print job to release it